Good displays sell product. Love it or hate it, this is a really important part of the day to day running in any store. I’ve had the privilege of being involved in retail for the past 30 years, and I know just how hard it can be to attract customers at times! The way you display your product is vital to grabbing people’s attention and encouraging them to buy. How you present your store can also determine the type of customer you attract and whether those visiting convert into sales.

Here are my 5 top tips for creating great store displays + attracting customers:

Think about your target customer. Who are they? What would catch their interest? How can you make your store/product appeal to them? Once you determine who you would like to market to, you can then begin to think about the way you present your store + how you will create effective merchandise displays.

Window display. This is often the first point of contact with the customer, it is your chance to give a message to the public what your store is all about. It is good to have a theme or concept to in mind to begin with as this will be helpful when you choose products, stands, backdrops + props. The display should also be set out so the items can be seen clearly + stand out, selling product straight from the window is a great way to tell if your display is working well.

Put yourself in the customers shoes. I do this on a regular basis – step outside, switch off… imagine you are a new customer who hasn’t visited your shop before. What do you see when you first walk in the door? Go through your senses, what does it smell like, is there music? Can you touch some of the product? Try things on? How do you feel when you explore the store? When you go through this exercise you really get a feel for the space, customers can get totally overwhelmed with buying on the internet, they will then enjoy a unique in-store shopping experience. One big advantage bricks + mortar stores have is the ability for the customer to view + try a product before they make a purchase, this along with excellent customer service + after sales back up can create a strong customer base.

Maintaining in-store displays. These are so important! Change your displays often, add new product, move things around. It is good to group items by style or colour so things can be found easily, leave some space + use risers to lift items if necessary to create interest + help the eye to travel around the space. Use your display to create a “story”, leading your customers through the entire store so they see everything you have to offer. Also, very importantly, make sure your product + shelving is kept clean, possibly creating a cleaning roster if needed as this makes it easier to keep on top of things.

“Google” it or ask for advice. Stuck for ideas? Do you have a theme in mind but you’re not quite sure how to execute it? We are now fortunate enough to have the internet at our fingertips! Scroll through images of similar themes and this will surely spark inspiration for creating your own displays. Work alongside your staff, ask for their opinions + ideas. Maybe someone you work with enjoys creating displays, it would be great to work together to show your product off the best you can and make those sales!

I hope this has been helpful!

For me, it is a pleasure to walk into a store that is laid out well and has displays that grab my interest and show off their product. There are so many local shops that have amazing displays, we really are spoiled for choice!