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An Adaptable Marketing Solution For West Coast Businesses.

Buying Local Supports Our Community

Why Should Local Businesses Become A West Coast Rewards Member?

This is a marketing system designed for West Coast businesses which uses the power of collaboration and ease of use to help attract new customers as well as building a strong, loyal customer base. It can be adapted to suit each individual business and works well with existing promotions & marketing campaigns. Overall, it provides great value for money and gets our members results.

Created By A Coaster For Coasters.

Rachelle grew up in Karamea & Westport and she has 30 years experience working in retail and hospitality. It is with this knowledge and a drive for finding a different way of promoting local business that led to creating this system. The aim is to help business owners attract customers
and build loyalty while saving time & money on marketing. West Coast Rewards is all about working together to get better presence and making more sales, it also rewards people for supporting local business. It’s a win-win situation for our members and their customers.

Give, Give, Get.

Our aim is to give value and then see great things happen. When local businesses reward their customers it makes them feel good, this encourages people to talk positively which can lead to more customers. West Coast Rewards loves to support local charities, clubs and community projects. We would be happy to supply items for prizes and promotions at times so please contact us.

It connects us with customers who like to buy local. We love using it.


Heritage Jewellers

The exposure is great and our customers love using the Reward Card.


The Soap Box

West Coast Rewards has brought us new customers and increased sales.


Buller Fabric & Fibre

Rachelle Henham

Rachelle Henham

Founder, West Coast Rewards

Created for Coasters

Helping Businesses Attract Customers While Saving Time & Money On Marketing

“I grew up on the West Coast and I’m passionate about our region. My first job was at the local gift shop, that’s where my love of sales began. My working background is retail & hospitality and my family has owned a shop in Westport for over 25 years.

West Coast Rewards is a tool for showcasing, supporting and growing local business. We provide promotional content and a loyalty program along with a strong social media presence. Our belief is that strength is in numbers – businesses uniting together and rewarding loyal customers is fun and it makes people feel valued. Members can take advantage of collaborative marketing and use the system in their existing promotions. An added bonus is that it’s affordable and the website makes our amazing West Coast businesses easy to find.” 

Ready To Join Us?

Receive everything you need to get going including a detailed website listing, promotion on social media, visual merchandising and ten reward cards to sell (Make $100!).

Measurable And Adaptable.

When a customer shows their Reward Card you know the marketing is working. Businesses can have up to three rewards on the website and can also run their own promotions using the Reward Card to attract West Coast Rewards followers.

Sell Cards And Make Money.

Members purchase cards for a wholesale price of $5 each and sell them for $10. Selling two cards a week pays for your membership plus some! This can generate a continuous income. (Cards are sold half price from 1st October)

Great Exposure.

Get promotion with adverts targeted to your ideal customer. Our social media reaches thousands of people every week who love to find local businesses and buy from them.  Positive word of mouth marketing is generated by making your customers happy… we believe this is marketing gold!

Let's Work Together!

Let us show you how West Coast Rewards can benefit your business.

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