What's our main focus?

It's all about you!

People who live here can support our businesses every day, so we want to give you rewards! Use this directory to find new places to go and enjoy discovering what’s going on around the Coast. We’ll be adding new businesses regularly but if you have a favourite place that’s not listed yet, feel free to let them know about us. Leave their details with us and we’ll make contact with them for you.

Spread the word about Find It & West Coast Rewards, grab your loyalty card and get ready for instant rewards all year round!

Spread the word...

Share the love!

Every time you tell your friends and family about us, share our posts or use your Reward Card you’re making the West Coast a better place. Keeping our money on the Coast! 

Businesses employ locals and sponsor our sports teams, events & organisations, so let’s support them and keep the “Buy Local” message growing.

Supporting Our Community

Why Should you Create A Listing On The Find It Directory?

Your business will be seen by locals and visitors who love to find new places to go. It’s a great way to work together and can help attract customers as well as build a loyal customer base. The system can be adapted to suit each individual business and can work well with any existing promotions.

Created By A Coaster For Coasters

Rachelle has 30+ years experience working in retail and hospitality and her parents have run a shop here for over 25 years so she’s passionate about using different ways to grow local business. Find It & West Coast Rewards is all about uniting to create an engaged following, while rewarding people for supporting local business. It’s a win-win situation for our members and their customers.

What's in it for you?

We offer easy, affordable marketing. Members can set their own deals with the loyalty card and it can be used with your own events & promotions. It’s a really easy way to reward your loyal customers and give them another good reason to buy from you & keep coming back. Keen to join?  Register here or click below for more details.

Behind The Idea

Rewarding Locals

Making customers feel good is good for business. We’re all about providing a platform to showcase places to go around the West Coast and rewarding people when they support them. Locally owned businesses are so important, they add a sense of community & vibrancy that makes our towns unique. West Coast Rewards provides a great way to look after the people who can buy local every day and say, “Thank you” for your support.

Our members enjoy working alongside each other to get their business found easily and using the Reward Card helps attract new customers from all around the Coast. Sharing your deals and providing good value can help you grow engagement and create extra sales.

“We’re getting such positive feedback from the public, people really love using their Reward Card!”

Rachelle Henham – Founder 

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