It was a typical Tuesday.

I’d been busy changing displays and cleaning when a customer came into the jewellery shop.

I greeted her as she went straight to our charm selection asking about the $25 charms she had read about on the blackboard outside.

I pulled out a tray and while she went over the items available we began a conversation.

She loves this brand of jewellery and likes to collect it for gifts at different places.

She was a “Motor Homer” travelling with her husband. They lived in Auckland and had been on the road nine months out of the last year. Westport had been a favourite place to stay because her husband used to come here as a boy and has fond memories of whitebaiting and spending time “Out the Cape”.

She really loved our selection, she said it was one of the best collections she had seen for a long time. I pulled out more trays so she could browse and admire.

She chose a few pieces for her family and as her sale added up I began to tell her about the West Coast Rewards card.

As she listened I could see her thinking.. she started looking.. looking for herself and she had a change in attitude. With our West Coast Rewards offer ringing in her ears she said, “I collect the gold ones, do you have any gold?”

Do we have gold? You bet we do! I thought to myself while I brought out more trays for her to look at. We began to go through them together, picking out the sparkly gold as she was marvelling over the brilliant design and finish.

With her Reward Card in hand the customer began to pick them out saying, “I’ll take this one.. and that one… and that one too…”. It seems she wanted nearly all the gold we had.

In a flurry of excitement she chose her charms and I could tell she was delighted. She had been wanting some of the pieces for a long time and she was beaming to finally get them.

I packed up her purchase while she browsed the store. She kept looking at the Reward Card, I could tell she had loved this shopping experience and she felt really lucky to be part of the movement of getting great deals.

“We’re heading to Greymouth, can I use this card there?” sadly at this time I had to say no as West Coast Rewards was quite new and no one in Greymouth was using it yet.

“Well, I’m going shopping there and I’m going to get my card out and ask if they use West Coast Rewards. I don’t know why all places don’t do it.”

Neither do I.

What a day.. I was buzzing.

We completed the sale, the charms she chose added up to over $1500.

What impressed me most was how much she loved West Coast Rewards and how she wanted to go and tell everyone else about it.

It felt like my job was done.
Although there have been many other similar experiences using the Reward Card over the last few years this was my most fun and rewarding sales experience so far.

Overall it really was the ideal situation.. for the business (making a good sale), for the customer (having fun and finally getting her favourite jewellery) and for me, as the founder of West Coast Rewards, I felt really proud. This experience was proof that I had created a marketing system that is unique, can be used easily, brings people happiness and best of all, it works.

This was the day that confirmed what I’ve created is special. I’d just proved it on a bigger scale than usual and it felt great!

West Coast Rewards